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First and foremost I'm a mom to four beautiful children (ages 24, 19, 18 and 14) and wife to one of the best fathers with exception of my own. I'm a full-time professional in the Social Services field and believer in dreams coming true.
Writing since my pre-teens, I often wrote not of the romance genre but of horror, thriller type stories that often ended with a lack of happiness. Then in my mid-twenties, I began writing short romance stories, often scribbling in a notebook with no goal of ever allowing anyone to read. But as time passed and my children getting older, my husband suggested I "write a book", putting thoughts from my often cluttered mind onto paper and I did, releasing my first book in June 2013 - Forever Beth Lost and Found. 
Since then the Forever Beth Series concluded with three books in the series. In all its rawness I'm very proud of what I created as a self-published author. No bells nor whistles, just a down to earth spiritual read with a hint of fantasy. Since the Forever Beth Series, I've also written a short romantic Christmas Story "A Season for Miracles and Unanswered Wishes".
Now although I praise my own work and proud of what I'm accomplishing, some readers might feel differently (reminder I did say self-published) and because of that, I price my work accordingly at .99 per eBook. Until represented traditionally and all kinks have been worked out my work (eBook format) will never exceed .99. So just think for this price you will be getting an "Inspirational - Empowering, enjoyable contemporary romance plot" story as quoted by a few generous readers who have posted reviews on either Amazon.com or Goodreads.com

I do hope you enjoy. Be Blessed and Inspired Always......

Elizabeth Cook - Howard
Updated: October 2017

Romance with a hint of Spirituality

Romance with a hint of Spirituality

Elizabeth Cook-Howard