• Take My Hand, Precious Lord4:12
  • One Day3:27
  • Valerie3:53
  • Wind Beneath My Wings4:53
  • Midnight Train to Georgia4:42
  • Make You Feel My Love (Live)4:13
  • If I Ain't Got You3:48
  • Maybe God Is Trying to Tell You Something7:36
  • Come Away With Me3:18
  • Two Occasions4:18
  • Silent Night6:30
  • The Christmas Waltz2:40
  • You Send Me2:43
  • When I Fall In Love3:10
  • Someone Like You4:44
  • He Won't Go4:38
  • Set Fire to the Rain4:01
  • Take It All3:48
  • One and Only5:48
  • Lovesong5:16
  • I Found a Boy3:36
  • I'll Be Waiting4:01

Music That Inspired Forever Beth Lost and Found

Music, a charger for my creativity helps me feel what my characters are feeling at that movement – that scene. Often I will recite a verse or two or name the song and artist in certain scenes to allow the reader to experience –visualize the scene more vividly. 

Although not every song that inspired the Forever Beth series is not listed I created a playlist that inspired me the most and greatly influenced certain chapters.  Please take a listen, even maybe re-reading a chapter while listening. If new to the Forever Beth series, I suggest a glass of wine, ear-buds to listen and from what I've been told a box of tissues.

I hope this gives you another way to experience the Forever Beth Series. Enjoy and God Bless!!!!!

Romance with a hint of Spirituality

Romance with a hint of Spirituality

Elizabeth Cook-Howard

Chapter One:
Precious Lord Take My Hand by: Mahalla Jackson (Old School Gospel). Listening to this song and writing this chapter I think was the easiest in terms of penning my thoughts however the most emotional.

Chapter Three:
One Day by: Matisyahu

Chapter Four:
Valerie by: Amy Winehouse

Chapter six:
Wind Beneath My Wings by: Beth Midler
Midnight Train to Georgia by: Gladys Knight

Chapter Eleven:
Make You Feel My Love by: Adele

If I Ain’t Got You by: Alicia Keys

Chapter Thirteen:
Maybe God Is Trying To Tell Me Something by: Virlinda Stanton
Come Away With Me by: Nora Jones

Chapter Fifteen:
Two Occasions by: The Deele

Chapter Sixteen:
Silent Night by: The Mighty Clouds of Joy
The Christmas Waltz by: Nancy Wilson

Chapter Seventeen:
Darling You Send Me by: Sam Cooke
When I Fall In Love by: Nat King Cole

Throughout the Writing of Lost and Found one particular artist took me from the beginning to the end. I must have played Adele’s 21 Album every day for over six months EMPHASIS on "Take It All and One and Only".  Adele if you somehow get wind of this…. Thank You Thank You Thank You!